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The approach to selling an asset is different to other agencies, the group firmly believe in targeting the buyer for the property by utilising qualified referral networks instead of a hit and miss method commonly used by most agencies. We believe in linking both vendors and buyers together through offering quality properties to generate a result. In a large amount of cases CR procure sales off market in quick time requesting no ‘marketing budget’ from vendors to sell their properties.
Charlton Realty has particularly specialized in sales which involve buyers acquiring property through ‘Self Managed Superannuation Funds’. It is the belief that great benefit exists for buyers to acquire direct property through this structure. The ability to gear superannuation funds to buy property changed when legislation was amended to the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act late in 2007. Since this change in legislation the landscape of the commercial property sector has been affected in a positive manor.  We have seen a clear desire for investors to buy high yielding assets close to retirement. The change of this legislation has meant many who did not have the ability to own a commercial or residential asset of this value within this environment now have opportunities outside listed property trusts to be involved directly.
It must be noted any involvement by the group to assist with ‘Self Managed Superannuation Funds’ is directed to qualified professionals who specialise in this field.

If you require a property sold via a conventional marketing campaign we can also organise this for you. We will create a specific advertising schedule to maximise your advertising dollar to generate the highest volume of enquiry for a successful result. More important than this different to other companies we will ensure each enquiry has the potential to be closed by very experienced property experts with the highest level of property qualifications. We believe experience in negotiating and an in depth understanding of macro property and economic issues is what sets us apart from other agencies.   

Whether you wish to sell a leased investment property or building with vacant possession, we will give you a very accurate price assessment of the value of your property. More important than the assessment is the confidence we have to achieve a result within the promised sale range. It is the mandate of the company to not over quote values purely to satisfy the expectations of the vendor.  We view it more crucial to be upfront with the real value so both parties are clear about what value will be achieved regardless if it affects winning or losing a listing.



What They Say

quote  "We believe we have made our best Investment Property decision thanks to the professional research and advice received from Mark."

by: Clay Hayden, Director Hayden Investments Pty Ltd.


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