Referral Network

Charlton Realty has developed associations with some of Melbourne’s leading consulting companies within the property industry. It is our view if we can provide a full gambit of services with reputable groups in the industry that can assist purchasers and vendors in there process we are happy to refer relevant contacts. These accessible services essentially provide a ‘one stop shop’ if you choose to utilise all or some which are available to you.

Property Finance

We have a select group of experienced mortgage brokers who specialise in financing commercial and residential property acquisitions. These groups will select an appropriate financier to match your particular personal circumstances while giving attention to the most attractive lending deal available.

Development Finance

We have specialist firms with a wealth of experience in strategically linking appropriate financiers with developers to optimize the most competitive rates available for a specific project. These groups have well over 20 years of track record financing a host of developments within every property sector.


If a valuation is required to revalue your portfolio or just confirm a value of one of your properties, we will put you in touch with some of Melbourne’s leading valuers.  They have in depth knowledge and experience in valuing within the retail, commercial, residential and industrial sectors. To confirm their reputation they are on the panel as a preferred valuer for a host of major lending institutions within Australia.


Charlton Realty can refer you to a number of law firms who have expertise in advising individuals on all contractual property matters. If your requirement is for this company to peruse a contract prior to a property acquisition or act on your behalf to settle a property these law firms will provide timely assistance on both.

Property Management

We refer property management both commercial and residential to a boutique property manager who will give you personalised service regarding your investment. Importantly the staff here know their core service is to protect its investors most important asset their property. This company seeks to manage the property in a pro active manner by being across the condition of the property throughout the year. This is in contrast to many other companies who only monitor whether or not the rental has been paid with little attention to the actual condition of the asset.

Quantity Surveyers

We refer to a highly regarded quantity surveyor who can assist with providing a reliable depreciation schedule for taxation purposes. To ensure your investment property maximises its cash flow efficiency a depreciation schedule must be provided to your accountant. For developers these quantity surveyors can give assurance the building price provided to you is in line with actual delivery costs committed by the builder.

Town Planning

Experienced town planners can offer an extensive range of professional services in the fields of statutory planning, strategic planning and urban design. Should you contemplate development we will put you in touch with those that perform.

What They Say

quote  "Mark’s ability to be able to achieve a sale on the asking yield is a credit to his knowledge and understanding of the property market"

by: Vince Rusciano


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